• Tidbits of Love for Parents Raising Kids in Multicultural Environments • Virtual via Zoom

Feb 21, 2021

The stay-home days of the COVID-19 have overburdened the Turkish-American families with kids with the remote/homeschooling challenges in addition to the anxiety the pandemic creates. As parents, you may like to share some of your positive practices and/or negative experiences in an environment culturally different from the one you came from. Yasemin Alptekin presented her “S.E.V.G.I” approach as a guide to ease some of the challenges you are facing. Thanks to our moderator Zeynep Atas for this event.

Natchi Eustaquio

• How Meditation and Mindfulness Can Help YOU • Turkcha Instagram

Feb 5, 2021

Natchi Eustaquio is a word citizen, an entrepreneur, a transitition coach. She explained her experience with meditation and mindfullness. Thanks to dear Burcu Kinay Birka to modarate this event for Turkcha. You can watch this on Turkcha's IGTV or Turkcha's Youtube.

Natchi Eustaquio

• Group Career Coaching • Virtual via Zoom

Jan 31, 2021

Group coaching is a process where people with similar goals come together and work under the coaching discipline. The synergy of being together gives a sense of integrity. Having a share in each other's development means using resources in a real place.
Our guest will be Zuhal Yigit an amazing career coach; and Didem Demirkilinc, one of board members of TURKCHA, who will be the moderator.
You can watch this on Turkcha's Youtube.

Zuhal Yigit Career Coach


• Holiday Yoga event on Zoom • Virtual via Zoom

Dec 11, 2020

An international yoga instructor, Arzu Cohen, has prepared this yoga event for Turckha's supporters and followers. You can practice with her by joining her online classes and feel the relaxation. For mor information about her classes you can visit her website.
Thanks to our supporter, Arzu Cohen, to partnering with Turkcha and practicing yoga with the community.

• Step by step guidance on the Law of Filing a Domestic Protection Order • Turkcha Instagram

Dec 5, 2020

The speaker, Fatima Dilek Dabagoglu, is a local attorney in Washinton State. With the questions asked by the moderator, Burcu Kinay Birka, Fatima answered and informed the attendees about filing a domestic protection order. You can watch this on Turkcha's IGTV.
You can learn more about Fatima Dilek Dabagoglu and her services at Dilek Law.
Thanks to our supporters, Fatima and Burcu, to help us make this happen for the community.

• How to Deal with Domestic Abuse • Virtual via Zoom

Nov 8, 2020

The speaker, Sarah Kardelen MA, LMHCA is a therapist and a domestic violence survivor. She shared her story with us and provide valuable information for women experiencing domestic violence. You can watch this interactive interview on Turkcha's IGTV or Turkcha's Youtube.
You can learn more about Sarah Kardelen and her services at Tapestry Therapy
This event is sponsored by TURKCHA and AADA (Asians Against Domestic Abuse).

• Parenting That Works • Turkcha Instagram

August 5, 2020

Turkcha board member Didem Demirkılınç İbiş hosted an Instagram Live Interview about "Parenting That Works" with Albina Terpetska, the founder of the Albinspire Family Coaching. Albina Terpetska is a family relationship coach and licensed Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner. She has worked with hundreds of children of all ages and their parents for over thirteen years, empowering them to create the family they deserve.
Learn more about Albina and her services
You can watch the talk and her supportive approach on Turkcha's IGTV.

• Raising Kind Confident Kids • Highland Community Center, Bellevue

February 13, 2020

Camp Kindness Counts' founder, Dhaarmika Coelho shared research-based tools to foster character such as compassion, gratitude and forgiveness in kids and as a family unit! It was a great privilege to listen her!

Volunteers are preparing Turkish Coffee for guests at the kindness1Week Turkish Coffee cups are ready for Turkish Coffee Ebru, Turkish Marbling show is ready


• Creative Drama Workshop • Redmond Library

May 19, 2019

Drama workshop by Secil Horasan Dogan, creative drama teacher, for kids.
The Commemoration of Ataturk, Youth and Sports Day is the national holiday celebrated on May 19th in Turkey. It is his gift to Turkish youth to celebrate. You, as today’s kids and future’s youth, are the biggest light and hope of our future. Therefore, we invited the children to celebrate this special day through our “Creative Drama Workshop” in which today’s young generation can enhance their creativity, spontaneity, awareness, and concentration.

Drama Workshop for kids Drama Workshop for kids Drama Workshop for kids

• How to Make Your Cultural Adjustment Easier • Redmond Library

April 18, 2019

Estrella Chan has been teaching English as a second language in Seattle to clients from Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, North America, and South America for over three decades. By the time she began her career teaching English as a second language, she had already lived in three cultures very diverse from each other. She helped us explore ways to make this transition a rewarding adventure.

Cultural Adjustment Workshop Cultural Adjustment Workshop Cultural Adjustment Workshop

• Internatiol Women's Weekend • YMCA, Bellevue

March 9, 2019

Collaboration with Bellevue Family YMCA, TURKCHA prepared an event for international women to stay healthy. Wonderful yoga instructor Arzu Cohen led an-hour Vinyasa session for yoga-lovers while others was enjoying swimming in the pool.

Vinyasa yoga session at YMCA Vinyasa yoga session at YMCA Vinyasa yoga session at YMCA


• How to Increase Our Self Confidence by Asta Gancho • Lake Hills Library

December 13, 2018

Life coach, Asta Ganco spoke about "How to be happy in life?" and had the woman practiced understanding themselves.

Selflove with Asta Selflove with Asta Selflove with Asta

• Vinyasa Yoga with Arzu Cohen • Kirkland Library

November 20, 2018

Yoga instructor, Arzu Cohen, led vinyasa yoga session to a group of immigrant women.

Vinyasa yoga session with women Vinyasa yoga session with women Vinyasa yoga session with women

• American Accent Workshop • Redmond Library

October 22, 2018

Speech Pathologist, Christine Armstrong Dunbar, help attendees to explore accent error patterns on frequently used words and how to practice to correct pronunciation errors. Attendees learnt which patterns affect how well you are understood when speaking English, and how to improve your communication in American English.

Speech Pathologist gave presentation about accent reduction Speech Pathologist gave presentation about accent reduction People are signing up for future events. Speech Pathologist gave presentation about accent reduction Attendees are listening the presentation of accent workshop Speech Pathologist gave presentation about accent reduction

• Practice Public Transportation •
Hopelink, Bellevue to Seattle

April 20, 2018

Although most of immigrants had used public transportation when they were living in their countries; after they moved to Bellevue, Redmond, Kirkland or another place, some of them haven't had any chance to use public transportation. We learned how to take the bus to go to Seattle and some details about public transportation and ORCA cards. Anna, Hopelink Eastside Mobility Coordinator, was our guide and it was great be instructed by her. During our trip, we visited Pike Place Market and walted around as well as Westlake Station and learned how a person takes a train go to the Sea-Tac Airport. In this event it was a pleasure to be partner with Hopelink.

Our group who took bus to Seattle

• Powerful Transitions for Immigrant Women • Lake Hills Library

April 4, 2018

On this experiential workshop, we shared our experiences transitioning to a new land and understanding ways to make this difficult moment of transition into a creative and powerful one. We all gained an amazing learning experience and benefited from the positive atmosphere around the room from so many eager and lively faces of immigrants from so many different places. TURKCHA thanks to life coach NATHI EUSTAQUIO who is a life transition coach.

People who joined the powerful transitions workshop. People are grouped together and sharing their moments. Hands together. Standing women in a circle. Nathi got flowers from a Turkcha member. Women in a circle with their hands together.

• Breathe, Move, Meditate • Redmond Library

January 4, 2018

An introductory session of Qigong, an ancient mind-body practice, was held at the Redmond Library. Attendees experienced some of the breathing method and flowing movements of Qigong that helps to release stress from body and eases the tension.
This introduction was led by Ferhan Uzkut and Kathy Fogarty, two seasoned Yuan Qigong teachers

A group of people sitting in a circle People practining Qigong People practining Qigong People practining Qigong Turkcha's president giving thank you cards to the Qigong instructor Turkcha's president giving thank you cards to the Qigong instructor


• Finding Home Away From Home • Redmond Library

December 11, 2017

Our guest speaker Alejandra Chaparro, a Venezuelan-born woman, is physician-turned-coach member of the International Coach Federation. She shared her experiences about being an immigrant and joining the community.

Turkcha's president Dilek Anderson with Alejandra Chaparro Group picture of attendees All attendees are sitting in a circle and sharing experiences

• Hope, Dread, and Happiness in a New Land • Lake Hills Library

November 15, 2017

The presenter Dr. Piyale Cömert is a neuropsychologist and psychoanalyst who has a clinical practice in Seattle. She talked about the challenges of immigrants and ways to cope and adapt in order to build a happy life in a new land.

Dr. Piyale Comert talking about her experience as an immigrant Dr. Piyale Comert talking to one of our attendees Turkcha's board member giving a thank you card to Dr. Piyale Comert People getting together People getting together Attendees listening to the presentation

2016 - 2014

• Green Cleaning • Bellevue City Hall

March 23, 2015

Would you like to learn how to make your own nontoxic cleaners or to decide which products are truly “green”? Want to reduce your use of products with Poison, Danger, Warning, or Caution on the label? As Turkcha, we learned great information from speaker Sam Wilder at the city of Bellevue green cleaning workshop.

Participants in green cleaning event. Green Cleaning event. Green Cleaning event.

• Resume Workshop • Redmond Library

February 27, 2015

Amanda Johnson, Career Consultant and Job searh Instructor, explained how important to build a resume while searching a job. She teaches a very successful job search program at Bellevue College for non-native speakers. They give priority to low-income, Bellevue residents, and if there is space, they can include non-Bellevue residents.
Here is the link to the program: bellevuecollege.edu

You can also reach her two handouts below that she shared in the workshop:
• Anatomy of a Good Cover Letter
• Cover Letter Template

Participants are listening the speaker. Participants are listening the speaker. Participants are listening the speaker. Resume workshop speaker is accepting her plaque. Resume workshop speaker is with her plaque.

• Immigrants Happiness • Bellevue Library

April 16, 2014

"Being happy in a second home as immigrants" was presented by Dr. Piyale Comert, PhD, who is a Clinical Psychologist specialist. She shared her knowledge about diverse experience and gave attendees hints about how to adopt your new home.

Participants are listening Dr. Piyale Comert's speech. Turkca's founder is speaking with lecturer. Participants are listening Dr. Piyale Comert's speech.

• Being Happy • Bellevue Library

March 4, 2014

"3 secrets to being really happy" was presented by Harsimrit Kaur Khalsa.

Group picture with Harsimrit Kaur Khalsa.

• Eat Healthy • Redmond Library

March 9, 2014

"How should we eat more healthy products?" was presented by Parastu Sharabin. As we are learning many details about products label, we also celebrated Women's Day.

• No to Drugs • Redmond Library

January 25, 2014

"Save future, say no to drugs and Alcohol" was presented by Gulay Gulek, ACNP. Guest speaker was Art Dahlen.

• Saving Money • Bellevue Library

January 11, 2014

"How to maximize your saving by using coupons, rewards, cashbacks..." was presented by Mary Lopez. She shared her own experiences with attendees.