Our Purposes

Turkcha has two purposes.

One is to support all women who live around Seattle especially those who came to the USA from other countries, and to help them in adjusting to their new homes and to not feel alone. Turkcha believes that regardless of where they come from, all women face the same kind of difficulties adjusting. One of the most difficult things is to find their way, because a lot of educated women’s professions aren’t possible in their new country. In addition, the language barrier is a problem for most of them. We are all from different cultures, backgrounds, climates and geographies, but we have similar problems in our new homes. Turkcha believes that if women support each other, everything will be easier. For that reason Turkcha organizes some events in English to help make that happen, and to help bring people from diverse cultures together.

The other purpose of Turkcha is to share Turkish culture and language with Turkish people or others who want to learn about it.